Who We Are

Amplio Ingredients is a Leading Healthcare Ingredient & Formulation Specialist providing premium food and nutraceutical ingredients from prestigious global manufacturers.
Transforming the healthcare landscape with a wide portfolio of products to meet the highest standards for Functional Foods & Nutraceutical, Food & Beverages, Dietary Supplements, Personal Care Industry, Feed Mill, Fertilizer and etc.
Quality and service excellence is our promise. Enhancement of lives is our priority. Your family’s well-being is our pride. We create value through assurance of the gift of health.


  •  To Be A Global Healthcare Guardian & Inventor


  • To provide a greater access for our partners to benefit from high
    quality, natural based and scientifically proven healthcare products.
  • To provide the most resourceful and professional healthcare solutions
    to our partners.

Our Core Value





Team Work

Our Philosophy



Founder's Message

Mr. Low Yuan Heng

Founder & CEO
Our Amplio Vision is To Be A Global Healthcare Guardian & Inventor. We are dedicated for excellence in Biotechnology, which is Bio-ecologically friendly rather than GMO or protein engineered. We seek to provide holistic healthcare solutions with natural based ingredients that could help people regain their natural abilities and enjoy a healthy life.
We always aim to provide outstanding services and products that go beyond industry benchmarks. Alongside our leading principles, we promise to deliver superb quality products, technical innovation and services to ensure customer satisfaction.
I’m proud of the work and services that we provide and with my most sincere personal commitment, we strive everyday to deliver our promise with utmost professionalism.